Welcome to my blog

Having been inspired by many excellent blogs on the internet (and a few about operations research, including Mike Trick’s excellent OR blog), I decided to start my own blog that reports on applications of operations research (OR) that have public policy implications, my passion within the field. I plan to post my thoughts and comments about OR in the news (or OR that should be in the news).

If you’re an OR person, then you already know how cool OR can be. However, no one seems to know what we do, and worse, most people don’t even know what the heck OR is to begin with.

If you’re not an OR person, I hope you learn that we’re more than just nerds. We’re nerds with passion. At our best, we’re sorta punk rock (OK, we’re still nerds underneath).

This is intended to be an open forum on public policy OR. Please write to me about OR applications that you find powerful, meaningful, or beautiful.

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