Stop by and say hi at INFORMS

I am psyched about the INFORMS Annual Meeting. Please stop by and say hi if you see me. I will blog when possible.

I received a nice email from Abie Flaxman about meeting other operations researchers interested in community OR. If you can make it, stop by and say hi! I hope to make it, but my plane arrives just before the meeting.

Hi Statcom and Community OR people,

This is an email to officially invite you to the meetup at INFORMS that
I’ve been whispering about for a few weeks now.

WHAT: Statistics in Communities and Community Operations Research people
get together for lunch to network, share experiences and ideas.

WHERE: Elysian Brewing Co., 1221 E. Pike St. (Pike and 12th in Capitol Hill)

WHEN: Sunday Nov. 4, 12:00 PM

About STATCOM: Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) a volunteer
community outreach orgnization providing statistical consulting to
non-profit clients free of charge. Started in 2001 at Purdue University,
the STATCOM program has spread to a number of other universities,
including the University of Washington. STATCOM groups are generally
directed and staffed by graduate students studying a wide variety of
subjects including statistics, genetics, and sociology.

About Community OR: Community-based operations research is the
application of decision models to social issues of a local nature. The
goal of this field is to design policies and tactics that have the
potential to improve individual life outcomes and neighborhood-level
outcomes by addressing welfare, equity and administrative efficiency

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