Doing Good with Good OR

The February issue of OR/MS Today contains a number of excellent articles about public sector OR! INFORMS President-elect Cynthia Barnhart put together a “Doing Good with Good O.R.” committee with the “goal of showing how how operations research can (and does) provide important insights that can be used to inform and shape public policy on important societal topics.” The committee promises to have some surprises for us at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in DC. Also read the Q&A with Cynthia Barnhart in the December issue.

Some of the articles include:

There is also an article on humanitarian relief logistics by Ozlem Ergun, Pinar Keskinocak and Julie Swann in the December issue.

One response to “Doing Good with Good OR

  • Doug Samuelson

    I hope you meant to say that the new book describes the role of OR in _identifying_ human rights abuses. The current language could be understood as the role of OR in _committing_ human rights abuses. Thanks for noticing tne article.

    Thanks for noticing my poor choice of wording! This has been fixed.

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