Yesterday, the Freakonomics blog referred to a parenting blog called the Game Theorist written by an economist and father. Check out a list of the most quantitative posts that apply probability, game theory, and other tools to parenting problems. A forthcoming book called Parentonomics is based on the Game Theorist’s blog. You can read a sample chapter about traveling with children. I was hoping for a linear programming model in the chapter, but alas, it was not very quantitative. Luckily, my little ones travel well–my three year old, newborn, and I took a flight last month that went about as well as expected. My oldest was covered in more than a few crumbs and the airline lost our stroller, but we managed not to annoy too many fellow travelers and go from point A to point B without any tears or tantrums. Yeah, I’m a glass-is-half-full kinda person.

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