sports nerd of the year

You can win the title of “Sports Nerd of the Year” if you successfully apply OR to sports. I enjoyed, this article on CBS Sports about their Sports Nerd honor. It is oddly reminiscent of an award I won back in high school.  My award was called the “Scholar Athlete Award” — a euphemism for sports nerd.  But I digress.

Ben Heller writes about Nate Silver, who is this year’s Sports Nerd:

Every sports fan loves a good rivalry… My favorite rivalry in recent years isn’t one that has taken place on the field — rather, it has gone down anywhere but. It’s the classic showdown of nerd vs. jock. Doesn’t matter if it’s superstar athletes getting angry with mudslinging bloggers, or Hall of Fame announcers making fun of Fantasy geeks, I simply can’t get enough of the enjoyable dichotomy between these two divergent sports types…

One of my favorite new school stat geeks is Nate Silver, a writer for Baseball Prospectus and creator of a statistical projection tool called PECOTA. An acronym for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, PECOTA gives frighteningly accurate predictions for how baseball teams, and individual players, will fare during the upcoming season.

There are many OR sports nerds that produce interesting research.  Maybe one of our own will be next year’s Sports Nerd.   I’m not sure I buy into the “classic showdown of nerd vs. jock.”  There must be a few nerdy jocks out there.  Mike Trick once wrote about a MLB player (Russ Ohlendorf of the Yankees) with an OR degree.

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