Summer 2009 Conferences, Symposiums, and Workshops

If you know of upcoming  Summer 2009 meetings/conferences/symposiums/workshops (June to August), please post information in the comments section. The meeting could be in any discipline, so long as you think it has a sizable OR bent. Also, please indicate if there is any travel funding for students.   I need your help to make this work!

Just a friendly reminder… I previously asked about Spring 2009 conferences/workshops/symposiums (now through May).  You can add a comment to the existing post (I will approve anonymous comments, if you want to stay under the radar).  My statistics indicate that people are always checking this post, so it’s not too late for publicity.

To find these posts, I created a category (”Conferences, Symposiums, and Workshops“) that you can easily access from the link on the left side of this blog.

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