Roundup of LRMC in March Madness

I was disappointed with the championship game in the men’s NCAA basketball championship, since the game was over as soon as it began (and I was pulling for Michigan State).  But I was traveling last week and forgot to write about how LRMC did on the ESPN tournament challenge:

  1. Pure LRMC finished in the 78.4 percentile.
  2. Capped LRMC finished in the 31.9 percentile
  3. LRMC(0) finished in the 97.8 percentile, predicting eventual champion UNC, three of the final four and six of the elite eight.  Not bad!

I did not win my office pool–my office did not have a pool (we all would have submitted the same LRMC bracket).  How did you do in your office pools?

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