should it stay or should it go? –> my impending office move

My department is moving to another building on campus next week. I have to pack up everything in my office this week in anticipation of the move. Although finding time to pack during finals week is not easy, I am enjoying rediscovering things that are in my office.

Things I will take with me

  • My slinky (it’s an old school metal one)
  • A commemorative 50th anniversary Management Science CD
  • Floppy disks (I haven’t yet accepted the fact that I will never access these again, but I have some old work saved on these, so it seems wrong to throw them out)
  • A zip disc (I had forgotten that these existed!)
  • My daughter’s drawing of the two of us riding the elevator to my office (I think it’s a masterpiece)
  • Chicago Bears playing cards (useful for low-tech random examples)

Things I am throwing out

  • About a zillion conference name badges
  • Chop sticks
  • Lipton tea bags (I now keep a healthy stash of Bigelow teas in my office and can no longer stomach Lipton)
  • Most of the post-it notes stuck to my computer monitor with “important” notes that, in retrospect, aren’t
  • My emergency Sudafed (to be fair, I would be taking my Sudafed with me but I need it today for a nasty cold)

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