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convex hull for recipes

If you enjoy cooking, this might ruin the fun. Hopefully not.

Much of the science of cooking depends on getting the proportions right. When I wing it in the kitchen (as I often do), I always keep proportions in mind. Over the years, I have developed an intuitive understanding of the sensitivity of recipe ingredient amounts, and I carefully measure only the most sensitive ingredients when cooking.

I just stumbled across a post that looks at the science of recipe ingredient sensitivity. A blog by a French geek explains how to find a convex hull for recipe ingredients in order to understand the sensitivity of the ingredients. The example provided looks at various recipes for crepes (image below is courtesy of Verisoning). The post is worth a read–it deepened my understanding of convex hulls. It even provides an interactive convex hull.   It doesn’t provide the optimal crepe recipe, however.  Link.

How do you use OR in the kitchen?

Convex hull for crepes recipes

Convex hull for crepes recipes