value focused parenting

Not everything is bad given the bad economy. Besides the great new trend of frugality, I have been pleasantly surprised by how many people are rethinking parenting. The idea is that we ought to think about our real objectives for our kids, and then base on parenting choices on these fundamental objectives. It’s very Value Focused Thinking, which is great. I’ve noticed a slew of articles and blog posts about Value Focused Parenting (VFP) lately.

One example of VFP I have seen lately is by Lenore Skenazy of Raising Free Range Kids. She asserts that we really want to teach kids how to be independent and make good decisions on their own. As a result, she claims that we need to gradually allow kids to have freedom and to be on their own, so they learn to make good decisions. It sounds reasonable, but she has stirred up quite the controversy. You can listen to Skenazy on a here & now interview and Manic Mommies (plus post with links). The New York Times Motherlode blog recommends several books that aim right at the heart of the VFP approach.

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In addition to VFP, morality in general seems to be trendy. Even technical blogs are writing about it (John Cook of The Endeavor wrote about the 7 deadly sins and The Dwaffler blog wrote about forgiveness)

Do you use a VFP approach? What do you think of VFP?

One response to “value focused parenting

  • The Informal Matriarch

    I definitely believe in that. I really like Barbara Colloroso and I aspire to parent just as she teaches. Positive language, giving choices, giving logical consequences instead on punishing your children with something that has nothing to do with the offense.

    Love it love it love it.

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