Miscellaneous links

A few links that I found interesting:

  • A colleague showed me a fascinating video about how Wikipedia evolves.  This evolution is illustrated through a single entry, the heavy metal umlautI must say, this video goes to 11! Ever since I first saw it, I have been thinking about how to illustrate the evolution of computational progress in OR.  Obviously, having readily available visuals makes this possible.
  • I have been fascinated by the national heath care debate and feel that not enough geeks have voiced their quantitative opinions.  I enjoyed this blog post about health care by industrial engineer Pierce Story.  I hadn’t seen anything written specifically from an IE/OR point of view before this story.  Let me know what I missed by posting a comment.  Pierce Story writes:

“[T]he current reform proposals fail to deal with the true sources of more than 70 percent of the actual costs of healthcare. Rather than doing what is politically painful yet necessary and actually changing the payment system, eliminating waste, demanding personal responsibility, etc., legislators are opting to spread the ever-growing cost across more people through coverage mandates, higher and hidden taxation, and other “levies.”

Have a nice weekend!

2 responses to “Miscellaneous links

  • Philip

    Barro and Redlick claim at the end of their op-ed that “…nondefense multipliers are probably smaller. [than defense ones]” I wonder where that conclusion comes from?

  • Bernoulli-Blogger

    Love the post on health care. He is right on target. If the system is broken, then how does extending the system to those who can’t afford it and forcing it on those who don’t choose it, fix that system ? All that does is spread the risk, but it does not address the root issues that drive up the costs. I am for health care reform. As the blog post notes: fraud, inefficient billing,and malpractice litigation are some of the first areas to reform.

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