Science blogging panel

For those of you in the Richmond area, I will be on a panel about science blogging this Friday from 5 to 7pm.  The panel is entitled “Science Blogging: Laboratory of Ideas or Contaminated Experiment?”  I would love to see some of you there.

The panel has been advertised as follows:

“There has recently been an explosive proliferation in the number and types of science blogs. At the same time, some have pronounced science journalism dead. What is this new phenomenon all about?  Come to our panel discussion this Friday, Feb. 19 at 5PM in the Richmond Salons Room IV at VCU’s Student Commons, and find out!”

3 responses to “Science blogging panel

  • Larry (IEOR Tools)

    Great panel. I hope blogging or online journalism doesn’t get rolled over as a johnny-come-lately source for scientific discussion. There are some great scientific benefits of the online media that, in my opinion, is not getting enough recognition.

    1. Immediate peer review
    2. Limitless audience
    3. Low barrier to entry

  • Bernoulli-Blogger

    Hi Larry

    As a result the of Larry’s comments, the blogger can get a more diverse audience which has it’s pros and cons pending one’s temperment. Overall for specialized topics( such as O.R.), the blogger may also have a small audience but one that is loyal and highly interested in your topic. I am one of those loyal ones who is always interested in what Laura and Larry have to say in their blogs.

  • Laura

    I am grateful to my loyal readers–thanks for the positive comments!

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