operations research on twitter

I once inquired on twitter about whether we should have an OR hashtag on twitter, to centralize and streamline OR discussions.  I received a thoughtful suggestion:

hmm, #operres has more characters but is descriptive #orms less so but succinct. Put it to the community?

So, I would like to ask the community.  What are your thoughts: do you prefer #OperRes, #ORMS, or something else? Answer here, or answer on twitter.

All of this assumes that twitter is a useful medium for having OR discussions.  Tweets can sound a bit trite or flippant at times (OK, that was an understatement). It can be hard to say something in 140 characters, but it is certainly possible to contribute to some OR discussion in a brief message.  Twitter is great for increasing access rather than directly providing content, since it is a great way to post links to OR blog posts and news articles about OR.  How can twitter be best used to facilitate OR discussions?

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