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A few assorted links for weekend reading

4 responses to “land O links

  • Larry (IEOR Tools)

    I’m with you Laura. No mark on my body.

  • Paul Rubin

    Thanks for the links, particularly the first one (not so much the last one … I had been taking some pride in the fact that my pants size has not increased in years). In a stats review I do for an MS program in supply chain management, I’d been using the notion that (at least in the U.S.) women’s math scores have a similar mean but lower standard deviation compared to men’s to explain why there are relatively few women in both math departments (where presumably you need to be in the right tail of the distribution) and Congress (where the deficit suggests you need to be in the left tail). The small schools example will probably resonate better with the students, some of whom are parents (and none of whom are interested in joining math faculties).

  • Laura

    Paul, I would like to see a more comprehensive look at pants size inflation. Like you, my husband’s pants size has not increased in years and years. His old pants seem to fit him the same way that his new pants fit. I am not surprised that there are some outliers, but it’s not clear if this is really a trend.

  • Paul Rubin

    Perhaps it’s a trend but only in certain brands. I tend to buy store brand or non-label slacks. I wonder if the better known labels are in essence charging a premium for making men feel better about their sizes?

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