operations research is the #1 career for paying back student loans

The San Francisco Chronicle recently recommended ten careers to pursue for paying off student loans. The careers were chosen based on the median salary and high employment rates. The #1 career they recommend is systems engineering. OK, it’s not quite operations research, but they describe systems engineering as “scientific understanding with creative problem-solving. [Systems engineers] are responsible for building various systems (computing, mechanical and otherwise) that are efficient and manageable.” Sounds like OR to me.

I was also happy to see that being a university professor was also on the list. Woo hoo!

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One response to “operations research is the #1 career for paying back student loans

  • Larry (IEOR Tools)

    Don’t get me started on Systems Engineering. I know its supposed to mean computer systems or whatnot but it really is much more than that. I have a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering but if I put in Systems Engineer in Indeed.com I probably would not want a to apply for 98% of the responses. Why or why did they create an job description for Systems Engineer? Is there not enough room for Comp Sci Eng, Network Engineer, Software Engineer?

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