Podcast on open access publishing

Two weeks ago, I blogged about open access publishing options in higher education based on a seminar I attended by a faculty member who is a champion of making academic work free and available to the public. What this post really lacked was a basic discussion about the basics of open access issues from a faculty member and university’s points of view.

A podcast with VCU librarian Dan Ream fills this gap.  Dan Ream overviews many of the basic issues and the issues with a focus on the library’s point of view.  He mainly discusses journal publishing.  One interesting tidbit from the podcast: NIH requires all journal publications based on research that it funds to appear for free within twelve months.  However, open access is free for the reader but is not generally free for the author. Publishing fees generally cost $300-3000US.  If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of open access publishing, I recommend this podcast.

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