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Here a few links:

  • The evolution of email infographic. Factoid: the word “email” was first used on 1982. (HT John D. Cook).
  • Math is best learned when intuition is built up through pattern-matching. I’m guessing that many of my blog readers enjoyed these mental calisthenics when growing up.
  • A report links college majors to future earnings and shows that non-technical majors are not always a good investment. “I don’t want to slight Shakespeare, but this study slights Shakespeare.”
  • Related to the last point, this Georgetown report suggests that Americans are undereducated, and we should increase the rate at which we award Bachelor’s and graduate degrees.  People with college degrees earn a “wage premium” for jobs, even those that do not require a college degree. The researchers argue that additional degrees would lead to more competition for better paying jobs that will ultimately reduce income disparities in the United States. I’m still thinking about how I feel about these arguments.
  • Moving art from museum to museum is a delicate operation that is similar and dissimilar to moving hazardous materials.

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