Punk Rock OR Podcast #2: An interview with undergraduate student researchers

I decided to resume the Punk Rock Operations Research Podcast. This new podcast episode is an interview with two undergraduate student researchers, Amber and Richard, that I have been working with this summer.  Both Amber and Richard have been working on a research project that investigates the role of weather on emergency medical calls, mainly using statistical methodologies.  They both agreed to let me interview them about their summer research projects.

You can listen to the episode below or you can go to the podcast web page (where you can download to iTunes, etc.) and feed. I recommend subscribing to the feed or going directly to the Punk Rock OR Podcast iTunes page, but you can also find the podcast episodes on this blog by clicking on “Podcast” under “Categories” in the left column.

Podcast episodes will be a semi-regular thing (that’s all I can promise for now–being a professor is a full-time job).  I’ll post updates on the blog.  I have two more podcast episodes in the works that will be available within the next week.

Your comments and questions are always welcome! I would love to answer your questions on air.  Send your comments to punkrockORblog@gmail.com (If you send me an email, you consent to letting me use and showcase it in the blog, podcast episode, etc.).

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