Rich nerd, poor nerd: Show notes from an undergraduate seminar

Updated on 10/11/2011.

Today, I am giving a lecture to the honors students about how to manage their finances after they graduate. I posted my slides here if you’d like to see my presentation.

The podcast has been updated. You can listen to it below or you can go to the OR podcast page.

Show notes:

My justification for paying off student loans is from Megan McArdle at The Atlantic.

Wedding costs and why they are so biased are discussed by Carl Bialik at the WSJ.

Should you use a coupon on a date? I think that is a great opportunity to signal that you are financially savvy–it should attract other like-minded mates. A columnist on the Washington Post agrees. Their non-scientific poll suggests that I am not alone.

My parents could have written this Saturday Night Live skit called “Don’t buy stuff.” It’s not a bad financial philosophy.

Other blog posts on frugality:

2 responses to “Rich nerd, poor nerd: Show notes from an undergraduate seminar

  • Joe Wilck

    Another article (information below) to consider; Mr. Drevik’s concept is similar to the “First 100 Days in a New Job” – but dealing mostly with finances.

    Industrial Engineering
    May 2011; Volume 43; Number 5
    “Graduate Finances: For IEs starting out in the world, your first six months pave the way to your future”
    By Kevin Drevik

  • Laura McLay

    Thanks Joe!

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