what do you want to know about blogging that you’ve always been afraid to ask?

At the INFORMS Annual Meeting, I am participating in a panel discussion about web 2.0 and social media tools for OR. I am the blogging panelist. Seeing as I maintain a podcast, I might sneak in a few podcast topics, too. While I have plenty of ideas about what I could discuss, I thought I would ask you about what you would like to hear.

What blogging and podcast topics would you like me to discuss in the panel?

OR bloggers Mike Trick and Paul Rubin will be on the panel to correct me and also to discuss OR Exchange and twitter, respectively. The last two panelists are Bjarni Kristjansson (social networking) and Tim Hopper (OR videos). I hope you are as excited about this panel as I am.

The panel is on Monday from 1:30 to 3:00pm. I hope to see you there!

My blog posts about blogging:

2 responses to “what do you want to know about blogging that you’ve always been afraid to ask?

  • mjb

    I’ve been wondering if I should wander into a more technical area of blogging. Right now I have two blogs, one for crafting and one for my family life, so I’d imagine I would have to start a third blog to find an audience, but I’m unlikely to keep maintaining all three then. At first I think it would be a collection of links that I’m finding interesting, perhaps with a bit of analysis. I also wonder what the pros/cons would be of writing it as something that is just available internally to my firm, where I could maybe be more open about our areas of business. I’ve just started reading your blog in the last month or so (I’m an OR in the Hampton Roads area) and I’m glad to have found it! I’m enjoying the podcast as well.

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