how to choose a good academic family

Professors are not evil

Professors are not evil!

Professors are like ninjas!

Professors are like ninjas. Who knew?

A good advisor will help you learn how to write journal articles

A good advisor will help you learn how to write journal articles.

Professor approved holidays

Professor approved holidays

4 responses to “how to choose a good academic family

  • Tallys Yunes

    I too was very fortunate to have an amazing academic parent and great academic siblings. It’s always so much fun to catch up with everyone at INFORMS. The interesting thing is that I only got to know my advisor a bit better as a person (i.e. outside work) after I graduated. And now I like him even more!

  • S. Phil Kim (@ksphil)

    My case is a little unusual. I have three advisors.
    The first one left me alone years ago but willing to be my reference now. He put me in the Markov decision processes and left for another school.
    The second and current co-advisor doesn’t have any idea on what I am doing in research but helps me alive in academia by providing me an RA ship.
    The third and last one is one of the greatest scholars in OR world. All what I can say I really know about MDP is learned from him. One thing I am missing is that I don’t know any siblings of mine since he moved in from another school and he haven’t taken any student for a while.

    The first is younger than me by 6 years, the second is about the same age, older than me by 2 years. And third got his PhD when I was 9 year-old. It is increasing in order but cannot go further.

    All of them are nice and have their own roles from my point of view 🙂 .

    When my first advisor left, I felt unlucky. But since he left, I could meet the third advisor, though it cost me some time to graduate. The life is like roller coaster.

  • mjb

    I wish I had known this before I started a PhD. I chose the program I did based on coursework, not with a thesis/research/adviser in mind.

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