punk rock OR goes punk

I’ve maintained this blog for almost five years. I have also been waiting for almost five years for someone to call me out for not being “punk” enough for a Punk Rock OR blog. After all, I do even have a single tattoo.

That day has come!

David Baughman, a web developer for Boeing in Seattle, stumbled upon my blog. He later sent me the photoshopped picture (see below), showing me as a punk rocker.

He writes:

I found the article interesting, and your picture just yelled “conservative” so I had to say something.  My buddy Matt gets all credit for the photoshop genius, and I’ll just take credit for the idea.

Punk Rock Laura

This is a photoshopped version of me.

This photo is as punk rock as I am willing to be, at least on days other than Halloween. I will continue to enjoy life as a fake punk rocker.  In my Science of Better podcast interview with Barry List, I discuss the blog name and my thoughts on tattoos.

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