all quiet on the OR blog front

It’s been quiet in the operations research blogosphere today. It seems that many OR bloggers are taking the day off due to SOPA and PIPA (Go here to read about how SOPA works) or perhaps just due a busy semester. Mike Trick is taking the day off from blogging and tweeting.

I didn’t realize I was supposed to take the day off from tweeting until I already tweeted. To be respectful of the blackout that I am supposed to be observing, I decided to postpone a new blog post until tomorrow. After being prodded by a few of my tweeps, I decided to blog about the SOPA blackout.  I am not alone.  FemaleScienceProfessor also blogged about SOPA and PIPA today.

Please let me know why you decided to blackout today (or not) and what media you are refraining from using for the day.

If you want to wait until tomorrow to leave a comment, I’ll respect that 😉


One response to “all quiet on the OR blog front

  • David

    I don’t have an OR blog, but I do have several other blogs and web offerings that I took down for the day. I don’t know that it means much of anything; on a good day, I might get 20 people that hit my sites, so the impact is probably minimal, but I’ve been plugging the blackout protest everywhere I go, so maybe that’s helped a little bit.

    I’ve also been encouraging people to call their Congresspeople (and called them myself) to express disapproval for these bills. Again, I don’t know very many people, so maybe not a big impact, but hey — I (and some other people) got you to write a blog post. 🙂

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