OR is one of the top professions for women

According to Forbes, operations research is the 8th best profession for women. Forbes also reports that women in OR make 5% more than men, on average.

The top professions in the top 20

#3 computer and information systems managers

#7 software developer

#11 computer programmers

#14 management analysts

#15 physical scientists

#17 computer systems analysts

HT to Meagan Buch and Tim Hopper.


3 responses to “OR is one of the top professions for women

  • Jeroen Nieboer (@jeroen_nieboer)

    I thought there might be a simple explanation for the relative salary, based on the % of women in the profession. Supply and demand and all that. But going through the whole slideshow, that doesn’t seem to hold…

  • Laura McLay

    @jeroen_nieboer: I went through the whole slide show and by the time I was done, I had some serious doubts about how defendable their methodology was in determining women’s salaries relative to men. When I was an undergraduate (in the last Millenium!!) I did read an article about a Ms. Magazine report comparing women’s salaries to men’s, which presumably used a better methodology. They found that women engineers made > 95% of what men made. I have since seen numbers that basically show that there is parity between men and women in various engineering subfields.

  • prubin73

    I didn’t review the whole slideshow (wish there’d been a table), but among the multiple determinants of the female:male salary ratio, I suspect that the more quantitative disciplines may tend more toward parity, for two reasons: they may (should!) draw people who rely on logic more than the average person; and work product may be easier to assess objectively. (Also, males in these professions typically don’t do well in singles bars, so it’s incumbent on us to attract and retain females in the professions.)

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