Are you looking forward to the Olympics?

I am looking forward to the Olympic games starting tomorrow.

I am happy to announce that there will be at least one operations research major at the Olympics: Quanitra Hollingsworth, who has a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences/Operations Research from VCU will be competing in the Olympics for the Turkish women’s basketball team. I am so proud of her!

Aside from watching Quanitra compete, I am most looking forward to seeing sports that I don’t normally follow in between Summer Olympics, including:

  • men’s and women’s gymnastics
  • all swimming events
  • badminton
  • marathon
  • volleyball (I prefer indoor to beach, but I’ll settle for either).

I am planning to blog about the Olympics. Please recommend some topics that you’d like to learn about. In the mean time, check out my other Olympic-inspired posts:

  1. Is London ready for the Olympics?
  2. Olympic scheduling
  3. Curling and OR
  4. Olympic scoring systems

What are your favorite Olympic sports?

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