where Punk Rock OR will be at the INFORMS Annual Meeting

I am participating in several sessions and activities at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. I will have a busy conference. Here are the places I will be.


SB08 and SC08: Doing Good with Good OR competition panels

SD03: I will give a presentation in a session on decision analytic models in healthcare.

SD45: I’ll have to miss this panel discussion on advice on promotion from associate to full. Take notes for me if you go.

Sunday at 6pm: The IOL Reception.

Sunday at 7:30. If I haven’t collapsed yet, I’ll attend the Welcome Reception.


MB29: The social networking session with Paul Rubin, Mike Trick, Tim Hopper, Mary Leszczynski, and Bjarni Kristjansson.

Monday at 12:30: SPPSN lunch

Monday at 6:15pm: The WORMS business meeting.


TA08: Emergency medical services

TB45: Panel discussion on time management

Tuesday at 12:30: WORMS lunch.

TC45: Panel discussion on women in OR/MS: Publishing, Recruitment, and Retention.

TD29: Another session on emergency medical services

Tuesday evening: The General Reception!


I will be flying back on Wednesday. In spirit, I will be with my student who is presenting work in WB29.

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