land O links: #informs2012 edition

Here are a few miscellaneous links from the 2012 INFORMS Annual Meeting.

  • Mike Trick writes about Al  Roth and Lloyd Shapley, winners of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics. Both are well-known in OR/MS circles and have strong ties with INFORMS. Mike notes that this may be the closest we’ve gotten to an OR Nobel. Congrats Roth and Shapley!
  • INFORMS has a video channel that is full of short videos, some of which are from the conference. Here is one about the INFORMS members who received the Nobel Prize:

  • In case you missed it, I urged attendees to register for the communities that interest them when they register for INFORMS. If a community represents an area that is near and dear to your heart, the best way to support them is to be a member. Strength in numbers matters: larger communities carry more weight with INFORMS.
  • @ORNinja had the best tweet of the conference. Nathan Brixius elaborates on this tweet.
  • Tallys Yunes has nice posts about Monday and Tuesday at the conference
  • Tallys made a video about the Annual Meeting before the conference. If you haven’t seen it–or if it didn’t make sense prior to the conference–watch it below:

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