the top 11 Punk Rock OR posts

I am celebrating my blog’s fifth-and-a-half-birthday in lieu of its 5th birthday in April (I meant to do something but forgot!). Here are the top 11 posts of all time in order. Three of the top posts are usually found by accidental google searches gone awry (#1, #5, and perhaps #6, although that one seems to be useful). Readers found the other eight posts to be legitimately interesting.

1. my ode to lab notebooks
2. what is the conditional probability of being struck by lightning?
3. werewolves and star wars: two exam questions
4. on vampires and stochastic processes
5. plantains and coupon collecting
6. fitting three car seats in a Honda Civic: an exercise in decision-making under uncertainty
7. How can ice cream trucks be profitable when gas costs $4 per gallon?
8. how do GPS devices find the best route?
9. a six year old solves the subset sum problem: a post on an operations research science fair project
10. the license plate game: the raw numbers
11. Bracket Odds for March Madness: A tool for picking a winning bracket

I’ll have to work on a follow up post on my 11 favorite posts. Stay tuned.

Why did I go to 11 instead of 10? I have a personal policy that guides me on going to ten or eleven. When I need that extra push over the cliff, you know what I do?

I go to eleven.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

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  • gdiepen

    Also congratulations via this way 🙂 (Read in the IFORS article about your blog you are happy with comments/emails 😉 )

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