new department in IIE Transactions: Government, Public Policy, and Society

There is a new department in IIE Transactions called “Government, Public Policy, and Society” that may be of interest to some of you. The new department is in the Focused Issue on Operations Engineering and Analysis. I urge you to submit your papers to this new department. I’ve included some information about the new department here.

Other new departments include Analytics and Emerging Applications [Link to the pdf of IIET departments].

I am the department editor for “Government, Public Policy, and Society.” My associate editors are Kash Barker (University of Oklahoma), Maria Mayorga (Clemson University), and Tom Sharkey (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

Here are the types of papers we hope that you send us:

Systems that benefit society require the effective, efficient, and equitable allocation of resources for operating public services, improving homeland security systems and protecting critical infrastructure, responding to natural disasters and terrorism, and recovering from disasters, among other policy concerns.  These processes and systems can operate every day (such as public schools and fire services) or perhaps exist only as plans for possible scenarios (such as the mass dispensing of medication in response to an epidemic and evacuating a large population in advance of a natural disaster).  In either case, the models and methodologies of operations research can be applied to design better processes and systems that serve public interests.

This department intends to publish papers that describe innovative operations research models and methodologies that address problems of societal benefit.  This department defines government, public policy, and society broadly but is focused on advanced quantitative and analytical methods to design processes and systems, make better decisions, and solve problems of public concern.  Accordingly, papers describing straightforward applications of existing techniques should be submitted to other venues.

The department’s scope includes the protection of critical infrastructure; border, maritime, and port security; transportation security; food safety; emergency preparedness and response; humanitarian logistics; evacuation modeling; recovery efforts; public sector and public services operations research; decision making for homeland security; and non-profit and community-based operations research, among other related topics in government, public policy, and society.  Papers submitted to this department must clearly motivate the problem’s relevance to society and should make substantive and innovative contributions to solving the problem.  Papers that describe collaborations and applications of the research and papers that evaluate public policy alternatives are particularly desired.

Authors interested in submitting a paper to this department are encouraged to contact the department editor at  For more information about IIE Transactions and the manuscript submission process, visit the journal web site at

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