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  1. A fascinating blog post by Daniel Lemire about the written word: writing in the email and software era. ” the written word requires a different work ethic. You can’t figure out what you want to write as you go. We should realize that software programming takes this up to another level. Once you code your ideas in software, you have to know exactly what they are, down the smallest detail. The future belongs to people who can be precise, concise and accurate. It will become harder and harder to get by with fuzzy messages.”
  2. Why Popular Science is shutting off comments: “Comments can be bad for science.” Commentary here.
  3. Science-fiction as an early warning system. I love science fiction at its best.
  4. Historians use simulation to recreate history. Umm, I have some questions about their modeling assumptions.
  5. Some airlines are better at saving their fuel than others. An opportunity for optimization?
  6. How to grow your personal brand when you are introverted. I found the part about social networking to be particularly interesting. Introverts make great bloggers!

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