going green at INFORMS? Try an app!

There are a few apps for navigating the conference, available on Android and iOS devices. Search Google play for “INFORMS Mobile” or the Apple store for “ConferenceToGo.” Bjarni Kristjansson has more instructions here. I have been a member of the INFORMS IT committee since 2011, and we pushed for this app. I was also part of the testing committee (we tested earlier versions of Android app) along with Bjarni Kristjansson, Matt Saltzman, Bo JensenBob Fourer, Paul Rubin, and Paul Rubin’s evil twin. If you find any bugs that the testers didn’t uncover, blame Paul Rubin’s evil twin.

Thanks to Samik Raychauduri, an INFORMS/ICS member, for making this app happen!


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