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Here are a few links for your weekend reading:

  1. “I speak in particular tonight about the moral menace posed by the concept of fast zombies. Frankly, zombies do not run. Zombies are lumbering; they are eternal; they are blind and brainless. They rise from the grave, but they do not run.” [Link] HT Paul Rubin.
  2. Why ending malaria may be more about critical infrastructure than bed nets. An interesting story about how malaria was eradicated from the United States in the 1930s.
  3. A humorous take on the New York Times dialect quiz that was popular. Satire at its best.
  4. Earlier in the week I blogged about whether the Fourth Down Bot would change football with its simple and effective use of expected values. It turns out that Deep Blue really changed chess.
  5. Two excellent blog posts on delegating: one by John D. Cook and one by Daniel Lemire.
  6. I found two articles on the gender pay gap via economists. One is from Marginal Revolution [Link] and another is a WSJ article via Justin Wolfers [Link].“The key to narrowing the gender wage gap is restructuring jobs and making hours more flexible.”
  7. A man went to the Grace Hopper Conference (a computing conference for women) and wrote about his impression: “Is this what it’s like for women at every conference?
  8. Make these Star Wars paper snow flakes, I will.
    Yoda paper snow flake


  9. Sorting algorithms visualized is a 6 minute video that illustrates 15 sorting algorithms. HT David Levinson (@trnsprttnst)

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