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  1. Simpson’s Paradox and Roger Federer.
  2. How the Car Industry outlawed jaywalking: a fascinating article from the BBC with a more international perspective of US traffic. “The UK is among those countries where jaywalking is not an offence. But the rate of pedestrian deaths is half that of the US.” I liked this part that relates to traffic models:”For years, pedestrians were essentially written out of the equation when it came to designing streets,” says Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic – Why We Drive the Way We Do [Note: I recommend this book]. “They didn’t even appear in early computer models, and when they did, it was largely for their role as ‘impedance’ – blocking vehicle traffic.”
  3. A video of George Nemhauser’s talk: “Integer programming: the global impact.”
  4. There was some controversy about the MIT Sports Analytics Conference paper review process this year. Apparently, the conference organizers chose a non-academic peer review process that did not work at all. The academic peer review process isn’t perfect, but you can do worse. Michael Lopez has a nice analysis of what happened here. Additionally, the methods in the paper finalists selected could not be reproduced. Trey Causey has a nice post on science being reproducible.
  5. Anna Nagurney’s blog post on the inaugural Women of Isenberg Conference. Her notes on what she learned was fantastic. I appreciated the note about writing thank you notes, which is certainly not just good advice for women leaning in.
  6. A Guardian article about an article in Nature about women in STEM fields: “Women may be underrepresented in many fields of science but it looks as though they may be more productive than men” I suspect a selection bias at play – when only the most able and ambitious women stick it out, it makes women appear more productive than men. But still, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women in STEM!
  7. Anna Nagurney speaks at TEDxUMassAmherst about networks. [19 minute vimeo video]

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