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  1. Why it’s important to talk math with your children. “With practice, parents and children alike will find that math makes a very satisfying second language”
  2. On a related note, this The Atlantic article entitled “5 year olds can learn calculus” is going around and is worth reading.
  3. Can Bayesian statistics help find the missing Malaysian Airlines airplane? A story by Carl Bialik (@carlbialik) at fivethirtyeight. Arnie Barnett from MIT is quoted!
  4. A Popular Science article called “The Garbage Man“about what happens to our throwaway electronics (HT @ForecastWatch)
  5. An interesting article on academic writers in Aljazeera America. “Academics write for the public more than ever before but are hampered by precariousness of their profession”
  6. There is so much to say about this figure. Men are unphased by Bs in introductory courses, but it causes women to switch majors! There is much to say about this. I’ll just say that there are some real challenges to retain women in STEM disciplines unless we give out all As in introductory courses (which I do not advocate).

  1. A comic strip on the etiquette of sharing comic strips. This is a great tool for citing all kinds of electronic media in presentations and blogs. The comic strip is by John Kovalic of Dork Tower (@muskrat_john) (HT Stuart Ciske)

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