land O links

  1. An except from the forthcoming book Why we all love numbers by Alex Bellos (HT @wjcook)
  2. Life was not boring before the Internet by Jordan Ellenberg (@JSEllenberg)
  3. Delta Airlines is using data analytics to predict which parts will fail to schedule maintenance (HT @scianalytics)
  4. The art of live tweeting.
  5. A new paper by Brett Green and Jeffrey Zwiebel find evidence of the hot hand effect in ten statistical categories in baseball. The idea here is that the hot hand effect could exist in other sports such as basketball, but the defense can react and counter the hot hand effect. In baseball, that isn’t so easy. (HT @seanjtaylor).
  6. The billion dollar bracket challenge revisited.
  7. Floating sheep has a new post on beer and data analytics.

Aggregated Geographies of Tweets referencing Regional ‘Cheap’ Beers via Floating Sheep

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