how to seat guests at a wedding

How to optimally seat people at a wedding.

SAS started an operations research blog [Link]. Matthew Galati’s first entry is how to optimally seat people at a wedding given assignment preferences. He provides a model that maximizes the total happiness of his guests. His blog post has code, data, and a pictures of a quirky family member or two. It’s a great post worth checking out.

I’ve written about optimization for weddings before. I blogged about a paper entitled “Finding an Optimal Seating Chart” in the Annals of Improbable Research by Meghan L. Bellows and J. D. Luc Peterson shows how to use integer programming to optimally seat guests at a wedding [blog post & paper]. The reader comments to this post are really interesting – many people have used a similar modeling approach.

Geoffrey De Smet provided a link to a wedding planner on github.

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