land O links

Here are a few links for your weekend reading:

  1. I’ve used the Monty Hall Problem in class. I didn’t realize agreeing on the correct solution was so controversial.
  2. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock “in many ways co-created, helped define geek/nerd personality and interests for millions of future geeks” So true.
  3. Sports analytics is great and all that, but there is a serious lack of data in women’s sports.
  4. Five class Atari games that totally stump google’s artificial intelligence algorithm (like Asteroids!)
  5. The math behind getting all that damn snow off your street.
  6. Han Solo shot first: the surprising significance of past tense, present tense, and Wikipedia.
  7. A sobering Los Angeles Times article about why women are leaving the tech industry in droves (hint: it’s a hostile work environment)

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