what Punk Rock OR is reading

Here are a few things I am reading:

  1. How an economist helped patients find the right kidney donors: an NPR article about Nobel Laureate Al Roth’s work in matching markets
  2. The unreasonable effectiveness of Random Forests.
  3. Anna Nagurney’s post on why she has fallen in love with Sweden.
  4. What it’s like as a “girl” in the lab: from the New York Times.
  5. Math-inspired art from Wired includes Bob Bosch’s TSP art
  6. Make craftier engineers: Why students should learn to sew in STEM classes
  7. Yes, androids dream of electric sheep – a Guardian article about how Google set up a feedback look in its image classification algorithms

Left: Original painting by Georges Seurat. Right: processed images by Matthew McNaughton, Software Engineer

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