healthcare in the age of analytics

INFORMS has a new volume of its Editor’s Cut that is a collection of resources for healthcare in the age of analytics [Link]. Healthcare is starting to adopt advanced analytical methods to improve health and healthcare delivery, and this volume is a starting point for learning more about analytics for healthcare. Volume resources include research articles, trade journal articles, videos, and podcasts. Here is the introductory video starring volume editor M. Eric Johnson of Vanderbilt University.

Here is the list of recent research articles about healthcare analytics: Sadly, the articles are paywalled, but you can access the articles if your institution has a subscription.

The Vital Role of Operations Analysis in Improving Healthcare Delivery
Linda V. Green

Predictive Analytics for Readmission of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
Indranil Bardhan, Jeong-ha (Cath) Oh, Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng, Kirk Kirksey

Feeling Blue? Go Online: An Empirical Study of Social Support Among Patients
Lu Yan, Yong Tan

Electronic Medical Records and Physician Productivity: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis
Hemant K. Bhargava, Abhay Nath Mishra

Business Analytics Assists Transitioning Traditional Medicine to Telemedicine at Virtual Radiologic
Ersin Körpeoğlu, Zachary Kurtz, Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Sunder Kekre, Pat A. Basu

Offering Pharmaceutical Samples: The Role of Physician Learning and Patient Payment Ability
Ram Bala, Pradeep Bhardwaj, Yuxin Chen

The Weighted Set Covering Game: A Vaccine Pricing Model for Pediatric Immunization
Matthew J. Robbins, Sheldon H. Jacobson, Uday V. Shanbhag, Banafsheh Behzad

Multiregional Dynamic Vaccine Allocation During an Influenza Epidemic
Anna Teytelman, Richard C. Larson

The Digitization of Healthcare: Boundary Risks, Emotion, and Consumer Willingness to Disclose Personal Health Information
Catherine L. Anderson, Ritu Agarwal

Process Management Impact on Clinical and Experiential Quality: Managing Tensions Between Safe and Patient-Centered Healthcare
Aravind Chandrasekaran, Claire Senot, Kenneth K. Boyer

Waiting Patiently: An Empirical Study of Queue Abandonment in an Emergency Department
Robert J. Batt, Christian Terwiesch

Commentaries to “The Vital Role of Operations Analysis in Improving Healthcare Delivery”

Multilevel Simulations of Health Delivery Systems: A Prospective Tool for Policy, Strategy, Planning, and Management
Hyunwoo Park, Trustin Clear, William B. Rouse, Rahul C. Basole, Mark L. Braunstein, Kenneth L. Brigham, Lynn Cunningham

Value-in-Context of Healthcare: What Human Factors Differentiate Quality of Nursing Services?
Hironobu Matsushita, Kyoichi Kijima

Information Hang-overs in Healthcare Service Systems
Atanu Lahiri, Abraham Seidmann

Active Social Media Management: The Case of Health Care
Amalia R. Miller, Catherine Tucker

Privacy Protection and Technology Diffusion: The Case of Electronic Medical Records
Amalia R. Miller, Catherine Tucker


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