what Punk Rock OR is reading

  1. How long would it take for vampires to annihilate the world? 165 to 50 years, somewhere in that range.
  2. UPS’s Jack Levis on saving time, money, and gas with analytics [YouTube]
  3. More on math and the myth of the myth of the hot hand by UW-Madison’s Jordan Ellenberg
  4. Anna Nagurney looks forward to INFORMS 2015 and congratulates the student chapter award winners.
  5. Heading to the INFORMS Annual Meeting? You can view the conference program here.
  6. What if your self-driving car decides to sacrifice you to save others? The robot uprising will have a few disadvantages.
  7. New general purpose optimization algorithm based on cutting planes promises order-of-magnitude speedups on some problems. See the video lecture here.
  8. Joe Biden and Paul Ryan: an unlikely alliance of working fathers. We need to include dads in work life balance conversations.
  9. Where are all the OR professionals hiding?

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