What Punk Rock #ORMS is reading

  1. Google’s AI winning at Go is very exciting. A Wired article from 2014 has some context.
  2. Some people really like commuting! I found this surprising because most of us hate queueing, especially traffic queueing.
  3. I enjoy reading Anna Nagurney’s blog. This week I caught up on her posts about why she loves teaching, cybersecurity, and community based operations research.
  4. The New Yorker is using machine learning algorithms from UW-Madison! to find funny captions for their cartoons. They have an interactive tool where you can help them sort through potential zingers.
  5. A sociologist uses super-computers to recover the lost history of black women
  6. Last year, a data blogger built a data-driven model to quantify the climate and natural beauty in every location in the United States. His model suggested that Red Lake County, Minnesota is the ugliest place in the US. Minnosotans were outraged in a polite way befitting those in the upper Midwest. The data blogger repented and is now moving to Minnesota. FiveThirtyEight has a nice article and podcast about the story.

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