Adversarial risk analysis and critical infrastructure workshop

On May 23-27, 2016 I attended a workshop on Adversarial Risk Analysis and Critical Infrastructure at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. The organizing committee consisted of:

David Banks (Durham, NC, USA)
Vicki Bier (Madison, WI, USA)
André Hoogstrate (Den Haag, The Netherlands)
Wolter Pieters (Delft, The Netherlands)
Ketil Stølen (Oslo, Norway)

The workshop had attendees from the US and Europe. My talk was entitled “Maximal coverage models for trustworthy computing” with my student Kay Zheng. I was pleased to see several other talks on cyber-security. The small workshop led to in depth discussion during and after each talk that was refreshing.

Here are a few pictures:

The workshop organizers organized a four hour tour of the waterways in the Netherlands on the “Partyboot.” It was heaven. I enjoyed the sights, chatting with other workshop attendees, and eating the amazing Indonesian buffet.

A selfie inside my office in the Lorentz center. The facilities were great! Plus, free coffee all the time.

The Leiden hotel, the conference hotel, had gorgeous views of the water

At a bar I saw the world’s cutest roll of toilet paper. I couldn’t resist posting a picture.

I enjoyed the workshop so much. The workshop was attended by a small group of about 40 researchers whom I got to know during the workshop. We had plenty of chances to talk and exchange ideas during coffee breaks and over meals. The venue (the Lorenz Center) was great. They assigned workshop attendees to offices, had great wi-fi, and had a nice break room with coffee and snacks.



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