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https://twitter.com/lauramclay/status/774694812108808192 https://twitter.com/lauramclay/status/774695045899268096 https://twitter.com/lauramclay/status/774695287809945600

One response to “what Punk Rock #ORMS is reading and listening to

  • prubin73

    Two comments on the queueing items.

    Supermarkets: Curiously, no consideration seemed to be given to presence (or not) of a bagger. I think previous analysis (done at Kroger HQ back in the Dark Ages) showed that baggers significantly affected throughput.

    Escalators: (a) The result seems to be limited to those where there’s a log jam at the start. (b) No consideration is made of the exercise value of walking on the escalator. (Might this be because Brits have not yet arrived at the US level of bulk?) (c) UK: ‘… sure to get a “tut, tut, tut” whispered in their ears from behind.’ US: likely to get a hard jab to the kidney (another health-related reason to walk)?

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