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OR provides job satisfaction

Operations research is one of the best jobs!  This is unofficial, since “operations research” wasn’t exactly one of the 200 jobs ranked by  (What else is new?)  But you’ll find operations researchers in these careers that top the list: 1. Mathematician 3. Statistician 5. Software engineer 18. Computer programmer The Wall Street Journal has […]

operations research is the #1 career for paying back student loans

The San Francisco Chronicle recently recommended ten careers to pursue for paying off student loans. The careers were chosen based on the median salary and high employment rates. The #1 career they recommend is systems engineering. OK, it’s not quite operations research, but they describe systems engineering as “scientific understanding with creative problem-solving. [Systems engineers] […]

are there more women in OR?

It’s been a busy summer! I am finally starting to think about catching up on reading. The big news for women in mathematical sciences is that women now earn 30% up PhDs in the mathematical sciences, up from 5% in the 1950s. (I actually tweeted this one, but it deserves more than 140 characters).  This […]

can operations research lead the way in “combinatorial innovation”

Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian (professor of information sciences, business, and economics at the University of California at Berkeley), claims that we are in a period of “combinatorial innovation,” where understanding how to leverage technology to understand data and make informed decisions is necessary for success.  He says: Now what we see is a period […]