This page contains teaching materials, code, data, and other materials that I put together over the years.

Teaching Materials

Categories: Decision Analysis (DA), linear programming (LP), integer programming (IP), modeling (MOD), applied probability (AP), and simulation (SIM)

  1. [IP,MOD] My slides on modeling how to locate ambulances for responding to calls for service
  2. [LP] My slides on football decision-making and game theory
  3. [DA] I made an Excel spreadsheet to perform a MODA analysis on how I should obtain my morning cup of coffee.  The blog posts are here and here.
  4. [DA] I made an Excel spreadsheet to perform MODA analysis on which washing machine to purchase. The blog posts are here and here.
  5. [AP, MOD] I created an Excel spreadsheet model to compute the expected number of state license plates I would see on a road trip. The related blog posts are here and here.
  6. [LP] I created a linear programming model in an Excel spreadsheet (instructions here if you want to use this as a teaching aid) for solving the assignment problem that was applied to a real data set to arrange marriages. The related blog post is here.
  7. [SIM] Presidential election forecasting model similar to what Nate Silver developed for 538. I have instructions, an Excel spreadsheet for Monte Carlo simulation, and an Excel spreadsheet that can be used with @RISK.


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Data Sets

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