This page contains teaching materials, code, data, and other materials that I put together over the years.

Public talks

Slides for various invited talks are tagged here and listed below:

  1. My keynote at the 4th International Workshop on Planning of Emergency Services in Delft
  2. Advanced analytics for supporting public policy, bracketology, and beyond! My WISCNET 2017 keynote.
  3. The math behind March Madness: my public lecture in the Crossroads of Ideas seminar series in the Discovery Building at the UW-Madison campus
  4. Fuzzy Vance Lecture in Mathematics at Oberlin in 2015
  5. German OR Society semi-plenary lecture in 2014

Teaching Materials

Blog posts about courses I’ve taught:

  1. Engineering systems: critical infrastructure and logistics (freshmen introduction to engineering module)
  2. Public sector operations research: a PhD seminar course (the course blog is here)

Teaching talks:

  1. My teaching journey: There and back again

Teaching materials:

Categories: Decision Analysis (DA), linear programming (LP), integer programming (IP), modeling (MOD), applied probability (AP), and simulation (SIM)

  1. [SIM] Presidential election forecasting model similar to what Nate Silver developed for 538. I have instructions, an Excel spreadsheet for Monte Carlo simulation, and an Excel spreadsheet that can be used with @RISK.
  2. [IP,MOD] My slides on modeling how to locate ambulances for responding to calls for service
  3. [LP] My slides on football decision-making and game theory
  4. [DA] I made an Excel spreadsheet to perform a MODA analysis on how I should obtain my morning cup of coffee.  The blog posts are here and here.
  5. [DA] I made an Excel spreadsheet to perform MODA analysis on which washing machine to purchase. The blog posts are here and here.
  6. [AP, MOD] I created an Excel spreadsheet model to compute the expected number of state license plates I would see on a road trip. The related blog posts are here and here.
  7. [LP] I created a linear programming model in an Excel spreadsheet (instructions here if you want to use this as a teaching aid) for solving the assignment problem that was applied to a real data set to arrange marriages. The related blog post is here.


None yet.

Data Sets

None yet.


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