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science vs. swimsuit competitions

Last month, ABC aired a science and technology program on prime time. It was called FIRST — Science is Rock and Roll, and it was about robotics built by K12 kids. I don’t remember seeing another science special on a major network during prime time. It was a terrific coup for science education in the US. However, it only aired because will.i.am’s gumption: he bought the airtime from ABC to make the robotics special happen.

Contrast that with the events of last night. The Miss Universe beauty competition appeared on NBC in prime time. A rock star’s resourcefulness wasn’t even required for the beauty competition to air. Reliable sources tell me that there was a swimsuit competition (is it not the year 2011?)

One step forward and one step back. It reminds me of something I saw on twitter last year:

“40 years ago we risked it big to put a man on the moon. 10 years ago we added ‘Hot coffee’ disclaimers on coffee cups.”