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more on coupons

I have a few more thoughts on coupons.  I ran errands this weekend, and two stores I shopped at asked for customer emails that they already have in their system.  The rationale given both times was that better coupons would be sent to more frequent shoppers. This is puzzling and it suggests three things:

  1. Companies are courting their loyal shoppers, giving them coupons for items that they would purchase anyway (a bad move on their part).
  2. Companies are courting their loyal shoppers to bring them back for another shopping trip that they would not otherwise make (a clever move on their part).
  3. The employees at these stores have been misinformed by management.

What am I missing?

To be honest, I was a bit frustrated by this.  I always use the same credit card to make purchases at these stores, and they could save me the hassle of entering my email again and again by data mining.  But I relent when they promise me better coupons (and I noticed that everyone else did, too).  I’ll be a believer when I actually see one of these coupons.  A good coupon would bring me back to the store.

I have noticed that stores like Kohls routinely send out semi-personalized coupon codes for savings of either 15%, 20% or 30% off anything in the store.  These coupon codes are not random.  I only get 30% off coupons when I haven’t been to Kohls in awhile.  It works like a charm: I pop in Kohls to stock up.  Kohls seems to reward their loyal shoppers, but only in order to bring them in for another shopping trip that they otherwise wouldn’t make.

I have even more thoughts on coupons and discounts, but I’ll save that for another post.

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