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a combinatorical sewing project

I enjoy sewing, although I rarely have time to sew these days.  Awhile ago, I stumbled across this McCall’s pattern for “Wacky Creatures” (pictured to the right).  The pattern consists of mix and match pattern pieces to make various critters.  There are two body options, three ear options (four if you do not include ears), three arm options for each body type (although I made a fourth by reversing one of the arm options), and four leg options.  All in all, there are 2 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 128 possible body configurations.  What fun! With material and face choices, the number of critters to create is endless.  Of course, the package cannot fit all body configurations, so McCall’s illustrates nine.

I ended up making four critters with my two kids.  They were simply thrilled to have so many options at their disposal. They enjoyed picking out buttons for the eyes and nose, and patiently waited for me to sew their critters together.  I included a picture of the four critters that we made below.  I’ll have to try the other 124 configurations another time.

Punk Rock OR wacky critters