Teaching case studies:

Categories: Decision Analysis (DA), linear programming (LP), integer programming (IP), modeling (MOD), applied probability (AP), and simulation (SIM)

  1. [SIM,SA] Presidential election forecasting model using 2012 data. I have instructions, an Excel spreadsheet for Monte Carlo simulation, and an Excel spreadsheet that can be used with @RISK. I updated this case study in 2020 to use with Google Sheets without relying on @RISK [Link]
  2. [SA] An SIR model for epidemiology using 2004-5 influenza data
  3. [SA] Pooled testing to expand testing capacity using COVID-19 data
  4. [IP,MOD] My slides on modeling how to locate ambulances for responding to calls for service
  5. [LP] My slides on football decision-making and game theory
  6. [DA] I made an Excel spreadsheet to perform a MODA analysis on how I should obtain my morning cup of coffee.  The blog posts are here and here.

Additional posts in the Teaching Materials category contain case studies, examples, and lecture notes.

Blog posts about courses I’ve taught:

  1. Engineering systems: critical infrastructure and logistics (freshmen introduction to engineering module)
  2. Public sector operations research: a PhD seminar course (the course blog is here)
  3. PhD Development course
    • I developed a PhD development seminar for first year PhD students in industrial engineering and related disciplines. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for the dissertation research in industrial and systems engineering. The course helps set expectations, introduces campus resources to students, and creates a cohort of student to connect students with their peers. In Fall 2020, I created a series of blog posts about this course:
    • First steps in research (from professors)
    • First steps in writing
    • Getting started with research (from a recent graduate)

Teaching keynote talks:

  1. My teaching journey: There and back again

Faculty mentoring posts:

  1. Time management and work-life balance for new faculty members (YouTube video)

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