Happy 50th anniversary Transportation Science!

The early days of transportation science research

The early days of transportation science research.

Happy 50th anniversary Transportation Science. To celebrate, the editorial board put together a special issue of 12 classic papers published in Transportation Science over the past 50 years. I’ve pasted the list below – I believe all the articles can be downloaded without a subscription for a limited time. Head here to see the full list.

This is an excellent collection of papers – I’m even covering “A Maximum Expected Covering Location Model: Formulation, Properties and Heuristic Solution” by Mark Daskin in my course on public sector OR this semester.


An Algorithm for the Traffic Assignment Problem
S Nguyen
Transportation Science 8 (3), 203-216, 1974

On Stochastic Models of Traffic Assignment
CF Daganzo, Y Sheffi
Transportation Science 11 (3), 253-274, 1977

Traffic Equilibrium and Variational Inequalities
S Dafermos
Transportation Science 14 (1), 42-54, 1980

A Maximum Expected Covering Location Model: Formulation, Properties and Heuristic Solution
MS Daskin
Transportation Science 17 (1), 48-70, 1983

Network Design and Transportation Planning: Models and Algorithms
TL Magnanti, RT Wong
Transportation Science 18 (1), 1-55, 1984

The Distance Traveled to Visit N Points with a Maximum of C Stops per Vehicle: An Analytic Model and an Application
CF Daganzo
Transportation Science 18 (4), 331-350, 1984

A Column Generation Approach to the Urban Transit Crew Scheduling Problem
M Desrochers, F Soumis
Transportation Science 23 (1), 1-13, 1989

The General Pickup and Delivery Problem
MWP Savelsbergh, M Sol
Transportation Science 29 (1), 17-29, 1995

A Tabu Search Heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows
É Taillard, P Badeau, M Gendreau, F Guertin, JY Potvin
Transportation Science 31 (2), 170-186, 1997

Flight String Models for Aircraft Fleeting and Routing
C Barnhart, NL Boland, LW Clarke, EL Johnson, GL Nemhauser, RG Shenoi
Transportation Science 32 (3), 208-220, 1998

A Joint Location-Inventory Model
ZJM Shen, C Coullard, MS Daskin
Transportation Science 37 (1), 40-55, 2003

Self-Organized Pedestrian Crowd Dynamics: Experiments, Simulations, and Design Solutions
D Helbing, L Buzna, A Johansson, T Werner
Transportation Science 39 (1), 1-24, 2005


Recommended: Anna Nagurney’s excellent post on Transportation Science’s 50th anniversary.

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